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Charity helping people to understand and recover from trauma


Our vision

is a world free of trauma.

Our Theory of Change

is to prepare traumatised people for a healthier and happier future and to assist partners in trauma-informed strategy and practice.

Our strategic purpose

is to improve trauma understanding, resources and recovery.


The Crysalys Foundation is 1 of only circa 100 charities in England & Wales registered under the Charity Commission for England & Wales RR14 Promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of charities, section B5 activities. Essentially, we are both an infrastructure organisation and a direct delivery organisation. We help other charities (and cross sector partners) to research and innovate for public benefit as well as offering direct charitable activities ourselves. Our charitable purpose reflects both these actions towards reducing disadvantage.




The Crysalys Foundation is currently focused on preventing, reducing, mitigating and treating trauma.

Currently Billions is spent on public and community services which are mainly working in silos focused on specific isolated themes and services. Most of this work is reactive, crisis managed and symptom focused. This model is failing to address trauma as an underlying cause.  With a better model, a trauma-informed model, and joining forces through collaboration, we can achieve critical and sustainable positive impacts for generations.

We want to tackle causes and symptoms by connecting all themes and services, transforming approaches into early, proactive and preventative pathways which will be trauma led.

The Crysalys Foundation’s strategy and ambitions are based on insights and learning.

Whilst The Crysalys Foundation has gained some insights from Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) research, we recognise that this is a stepping stone to a deeper understanding of childhood trauma. Traditional ACEs research and interpretations have been criticised for being pejorative, dated, limited and not taking into account the devastating impacts of structural inequalities and the huge diversity of traumatic experiences.

The Crysalys Foundation demonstrates a holistic, structural, strengths-based and agile approach to tackling trauma.

We recognise that experiencing trauma does not automatically mean that an individual will go onto experience reduced social and economic outcomes. However, various research studies suggest that there is a correlation between traumatic experiences and social and economic life challenges amongst others.



In the UK:

• 1 in 3 people in the UK have experienced at least one traumatic event (Mental Health Foundation, 2022)

• 31% of children live in poverty (End Child Poverty Coalition, 2021)

• 1 in 6 children have a probable mental health disorder (NHS Digital, 2021)

• 1 in 5 adults have experienced at least one form of child abuse (Office National Statistics, 2020)



We will innovate projects and partnerships towards preventing, reducing, mitigating and treating trauma. We already have some good examples:

• Tackling Trauma – www.tackling-trauma.com

Launched in April 2021 this is the UK’s 1st free digital resource for trauma understanding and recovery.

The project evolved to include, Tackling Trauma Together, to join cross-sector forces against trauma in the UK.


• Taclo Trawmag Cymru – www.taclo-trawmag-cymru.com

Tackling Trauma Wales – www.tackling-trauma-wales.com

Y prosiect, a lansiwyd yn 2022, yw adnodd digidol rhad ac am ddim 1af Cymru ar gyfer deall trawma ac adferiad.

Launched in 2022 the project is Wales’ 1st free digital resource for trauma understanding and recovery.


• Youth Court Solutions

Launched in February 2021 and started in October 2021 in Northamptonshire, YCS is the UK’s 1st independent at-youth court generic and specialist service for defendants, witnesses, victims, family and friends. The project ambition is to transfer and scale the project across the UK.



The Crysalys Foundation is currently a UK charity.

Our registered office is in Northamptonshire, England.

We do not have a head-quarters or building. We operate on a lean and agile model, working flexibly, remotely and digitally to reduce core running costs and our carbon footprint.

We started our work in England in 2017 and extended into Wales in 2022. We plan to formally reach into Scotland and Northern Ireland by 2025.

Our free resources, such as Tackling Trauma, have been accessed globally.

We are open to working in partnership outside the UK if this furthers our charitable objectives and meets public benefit.


Registered with the Fundraising Regulator


Company No: 11080543.

Registered Charity No. 1189120.

Registered Address:

60 Sutton Street,


NN7 4LE.

T: 07495 539 611

E: jane@crysalys.org




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